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Plus anything interesting that is going on out there in the community that you may like to know about - like the American Muscle Car exhibition.

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News Articles

11 June 2022

Ever started a DIY project, got part way through, and realised you are missing a key item?

Planning is mostly definitely the key to a successful DIY project, particularly if you're new to DIY like me!

Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

❓ Do I know the steps I need to complete my project - google is your friend!

❓ What tools will I need and do I have them all?

❓ What materials do I need? Make sure you measure twice so you get enough of your materials

❓ What fasteners do I need - screws, nails, specialists glue, liquid nails?

❓ Have I read the application instructions, eg letting glue partially dry before joining items together or unable to be used in wet areas

❓ Do I need to do a patch test, eg glue won't show through fabric or paint will adhere to surface

❓ Do I have enough time to complete my task or part of my task, eg is it going to rain before my paint is dry!

❓ Can I do this alone or will I need help at some stage, eg to help brace, lift or move heavy items

❓ Dress for the occasion - this applies to yourself (wear old clothes or coveralls) and the work area (eg protective sheets for painting)

❓ How will I clean up any spills if they occur - check the label of the product you are using and make sure you have the right cleanup products on hand

24 May 2022
Stock up and Save!

Two-fer May specials - stock up and save!

We've got some great two-fer deals for you at www.aceshop.co.nz

  • Rubbish Bin Liner Clear 140L Box/250 (ACEBLN3290BX) - Buy 2 and save 5%
  • Rubbish Bin Liner Black 80L Box/100 (ACEBLB) - Buy 2 and save 5%
  • Washed Rags White 8 KG Bag (ACERAGW) - Buy 2 and save 5%

Simply add two of the item you want to buy to your cart and our website will add the discount for you at checkout.

Please note: if you want to take advantage of more than one of these deals our shop isn't quite clever enough to add another discount for you so for the second and third deal please:

  • add 2 of the item to your cart
  • then copy the following text and paste into the comments section when you checkout to get your discount'Two-fer May Special - 5% discount'

*Offer closes midnight, Tuesday 7 June 2022. Offer available to retail and wholesale customers.



25 November 2021

Free Sanitiser with Sunscreen

Keep yourself safe this summer with this free gift with purchase!

Get a free 250ml Essence Hand Sanitiser when you purchase any sunscreen product.

To take advantage of this offer:

  • add any sunscreen product to your shopping cart
  • search for the item code SUNESS250 and add 1 to your shopping cart
  • add any other items to your cart
  • click checkout
  • enter SUNNY21 into the coupon field when checking out
  • the value of the Essence Hand Sanitiser will be taken off your order balance
  • Complete the checkout process and your order will be shipped right out to you

Offer is available until 11:59pm on Sunday 5th December 2021. 1 free sanitiser per customer. Offer only available to retail customers only.




1 September 2021

Alert Level 3 customers:

ACE is pleased to be able to ship to all of our customers in Alert Level 3 areas (currently customers south of the Auckland border).

Alert Level 4 customers:

ACE will continue to ship to our service station and other essential services clients during Covid-19 Alert Level 4 lockdown.

We are also pleased to be able to ship essential items to our other customers in Alert Level 4 areas - masks, gloves, sanitiser, cleaning products and batteries.

Our office and warehouse will continue to follow all Ministry of Health guidelines to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff.

18 August 2021

ACE is considered an essential service so we will continue to operate during changing Covid-19 Alert Levels.

Under a Level 4 Lockdown we will continue to distribute to our service station and other essential services clients. Our sales represetatives will contact their customers via phone and will not be visiting customer sites. If you require anything please call your sales rep in the first instance:

Northland, Far North and Auckland

Craig 022 639 1897

South Auckland from Manukau, Central North Island, Waikato, Eastern Bay of Plenty and Wellington

Bruce 022 639 1898

Tauranga, Rotorua, South Island and Hawkes Bay

Kurt 021 420 125

Our office and warehouse will follow all Ministry of Health guidelines to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff.

All our other customers are able to continue to place orders via our website, email or by phoning and we will dispatch those as soon as the changing Alert Levels allow us to do so.


CRC 808 Silicone
26 July 2021

Buy 3 CRC 808 Silicone and get 1 more for free!

For a limited time when you buy 3 cans of CRC 808 Silicone you will receive an extra can free! Simply enter 3SILICONE into the coupon field when you checkout at www.aceshop.co.nz

CRC 808 Silicone is an absolute must have! It is a multi-purpose silicone spray for general lubrication which:

  • Revives, lubricates, waterproofs, cleans and shines without any odour or staining
  • Can be used on most materials including metals, plastics, rubber, adhesives, wood, fabrics, glass, inks and paints
  • Can be used on door locks & hinges, rubber mouldings, dashboards, tyres, bumpers & grilles, curtain & shower tracks, drawer slides, sewing machine parts, garden & workshop tools, ski equipment, bikes and yacht rigging year to name a few.

Did you know CRC 808 Silicone can also be used to waterproof tents, ground sheets, boots and golf bags?

*Offer closes midnight, Sunday 8 August 2021. Offer available to retail and wholesale customers.


CRC SmartWasher SW23
14 July 2021

CRC SmartWasher Kit - now only $2,700+GST!

The CRC SmartWasher is a parts washing system that is both self-cleaning and environmentally friendly.

  • The non-hazardous, non- flammable, PH Neutral cleaning solution, OzzyJuice, cleans parts, removing grease and grime.
  • The Ozzy Mat traps particulates and contains microbes which travel down into the SmartWasher Tank with the OzzyJuice.
  • Those microbes essentially eat the grease and grime (called bioremediation) and they turn those potentially hazardous contaminants into harmless by-products of carbon dioxide and water
  • The bioremediation process leaves the OzzyJuice clean and strong and ready to use time after time
  • We advise changing your OzzyMat once a month to maintain clean OzzyJuice which means no dirty parts washing fluid to dispose of

The kit includes everything you need to get started: 1 x SW-23 SmartWasher system, 5 x OzzyJuice 20L (chemicals of your choice), 3 x FL-7 OzzyMat

For help deciding which OzzyJuice chemical solution is best for you check out this website: www.crcsmartwasher.co.nz/our-consumables or contact us

Other models are available - contact us for more details.

*Offer closes midnight, Thursday 29 July 2021. Offer available to retail and wholesale customers.

CRC Aeroclean
12 July 2021

Buy 2 CRC Aeroclean Degreaser and get 1 more for free!

CRC Aeroclean Degreaser delivers a concentrated jet of cleaning solution that dissolves and removes oil and grease from dirty engines. It leaves a detergent on the surface which emulsifies the remaining contaminants when flushed with water. It is :

  • Excellent on all automotive engines and mechanical equipment contaminated with grease and grime.
  • Ideal for all car and truck motors, compressors, boats, lawn mowers, chain saws, farm machinery and construction equipment. After rinsing the motor with water use CRC 5.56 to displace moisture in the distributor and other ignition/electrical parts, if the motor is difficult to start.

Did you know that CRC Aeroclean Deggreaser is also safe to use to clean and degrease concrete floors and driveways?

*Offer closes midnight, Sunday 25 July 2021. Offer available to retail and wholesale customers.



Screen Scrubb
28 June 2021

Buy 2 Screen Scrubb Windscreen Cleaner 4L's for $35 ex GST

Screen Scrubb is a powerful neutral PH windscreen Cleaner that cuts through road film and cleans and shines fast!

It can be used in forecourt buckets or in windscreen washer reservoirs. It's highly concentrated so you don't need to use much:

  • Forecourt buckets: 1 part Screen Scrubb to 200 parts water or 50ml to 10L water
  • Washer Reservoirs: 1 part Screen Scrubb to 40 parts water or 75ml to a 3L reservoir

*Offer closes midnight, Sunday 11 July 2021. Offer only available to wholesale customers, not to retail customers.

Volunteer Week
21 June 2021

It's National Volunteer Week so we're giving away a box of Peanut Slabs to say thank you!

Here at ACE Shop we are in awe of those amazing people who give up their free time to help clubs, schools and other groups in their community. So to celebrate those wonderful people we are giving away a box of peanut slabs as a little thank you.

To enter, head over to our facebook page here

*Competition closes midnight, Sunday 27 June 2021. You can enter as many times as you like. Delivery to NZ addresses only. Not endorsed by Facebook. Winner will be drawn on Monday 28 June 2021 and will be notified by direct message on Facebook.



19 May 2021

It's our birthday so we're giving you the gift!

The folks over at Tridon have given us a 1080P Dash cam to giveaway.

To enter, head over to our facebook page here

*Competition closes midnight, Sunday 30 May 2021. You can enter as many times as you like or tag in a friend. Delivery to NZ addresses only. Not endorsed by Facebook. Winner will be drawn on Monday 31 May 2021 and will be notified by direct message on Facebook.


CRC Sanitiser

14 April 2021

Keep it clean - Buy 1, get one free!

Keep your team and yourself safe with regular sanitising of commonly shared tools and equipment effortlessly. Use CRC Surface Sanitiser Aerosol - a versatile sanitiser that effectively kills bacteria and microbes leaving surfaces hygienically clean - The fast-acting formula does not need to be wiped away.

Add 2 x CRC Surface Cleaner and Sanitiser to your cart, enter CRCAPR21 at checkout to get your free product

Offer valid for retail pricing only, not wholesale customers

Offer valid until 11.59pm 15th May 2021


Stocktake Sale

24 March 2021

Stock Take Sale - 15% off storewide!

It's the end of our financial year and that means counting a warehouse full of stock. And we REALLY don't want to count it so you win with 15% off retail prices site wide!
Enter 15%MAR21 in the coupon field when you checkout.
Offer valid for retail pricing only, not wholesale customers

Offer valid until 11.59pm 29th March 2021



10 December 2020

Letting you know about some changes to our website

We'd like to let you know of some recent changes we have made to our website. 

This has involved a change in the look and feel of our current website. All of the same great, popular and everyday products you usually order are there for you to see and the way you  order remains the same once you have clicked SIGN IN on the home page.

To simplify everything, our new website address is www.aceshop.co.nz - however www.acedistribution.co.nz  will still take you directly there.

For your business trade pricing, you will need to login to the website as you previously did. This is simple to do, just click on the SIGN IN button in the top right hand corner of the website.

If you didn’t realise you could order online or you can’t remember your password, then simply click the SIGN IN button, click the Forgot Password button, enter your email address and a password reset link will be sent to you.

New customers are now able to order from our website without creating an account if they chose to. This is in response to an increasing number of requests from car enthusiasts, small businesses and tradies for access to the specialist products we sell.  

Rest assured our main focus is still on our trade business as it has been for over 36 years. You will not see any change in the level of service you are currently receiving and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your ongoing custom and support.

If you would like any further information about this change, please contact us.

From our team to yours, we wish you a safe and fun summer holiday with your family and friends.

Kind regards

Kurt and Amy Seifert