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22 August 2023

Ever started a DIY project, got part way through, and realised you are missing a key item?

Planning is mostly definitely the key to a successful DIY project, particularly if you're new to DIY like me!

Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

❓ Do I know the steps I need to complete my project - google is your friend!

❓ What tools will I need and do I have them all?

❓ What materials do I need? Make sure you measure twice so you get enough of your materials

❓ What fasteners do I need - screws, nails, specialists glue, liquid nails?

❓ Have I read the application instructions, eg letting glue partially dry before joining items together or unable to be used in wet areas

❓ Do I need to do a patch test, eg glue won't show through fabric or paint will adhere to surface

❓ Do I have enough time to complete my task or part of my task, eg is it going to rain before my paint is dry!

❓ Can I do this alone or will I need help at some stage, eg to help brace, lift or move heavy items

❓ Dress for the occasion - this applies to yourself (wear old clothes or coveralls) and the work area (eg protective sheets for painting)

❓ How will I clean up any spills if they occur - check the label of the product you are using and make sure you have the right cleanup products on hand

15 August 2023

Does your car air conditioning smell a bit musty or like a sweaty sock?

There's a few things that could be causing it, either mould, fungus or mildew could be growing on the evaporator. Or your cars cabin air filter whos job it is to to keep the air inside the car nice and clean might need changing. Try the following and see if it helps:

  • You could wear a gas mask... 

  • Buy a air-con cleaning spray that will kill mould and bacteria. Start your car, turn the air-con on to cool and run the fan on high with the windows open. Spray the cleaner into the intake vents on the outside of your car below the windscreen. Then switch to heat and repeat the spray.

  • Or you can change your cabin air filter. Check your cars instruction manual to see how often you should change this. You may be able to do this yourself (check you tube for how to videos) or you can take your car in to your local mechanic and they can do it for you.

  • You could try some prevention tactics to stop mould, mildew or fungus growing on your evaporator. Basically your evaporator needs to dry out which means turning your air-con off 2 blocks before your destination, open your vents and put the fan on full.

Of course there is chance the issue could be a bit more technical and you may need to take your car to a mechanic or air-con expert to be fixed.

8 August 2023

When was the last time you checked your cars tyres?

The condition of your car tyres affects your grip on the road, your stopping distance and even your fuel bill. To keep you safe on the road AA New Zealand recommends:

  • Checking your tyre tread depth by getting a NZ 20c coin and inserting it into the tread. If you can see the whole of the number 20 on the coin it is time to replace your tyres (check out our image for an example). Most tyre shops will check your tread depth for free.

  • Check your tyre pressure at a service station. To see what your pressure should be look for a sticker inside the drivers door pillar, in your cars manual or use the handy tyre pressure tool at https://tools.genless.govt.nz/individuals/tyre-pressure-tool

  • Check the overall condition of your tyres. Take a quick look at your tyres and if you see any cracks or bubbles in the side of your tyre, or the tread is wearing unevenly take your car to a garage or tyre retailer. Turn your front tyres hard left and check the inside of the tyre, and repeat with them turned hard right.


1 August 2023

Got an exhaust or some other machinery that gets hot that needs a spruce up?

Dupli-Color High Heat paint is exactly what you need. It:

  • withstands temperatures up to 1093 celsius

  • is suitable for exhaust systems and other engine parts where extreme temperature coating is needed

Make sure you read the instructions on the can and take the time to prep your surface to ensure the best result.


1 August 2023

With these dark, dreary and often wet nights it is really important to make sure your car lights are working at full capacity to keep you safe. 

Follow these easy steps to check you car lights:

⭐️Park your car facing a wall or garage door with the engine switched on but not running and hand brake applied

⭐️Turn headlights to Park function and then walk around your car checking that your park/tail lights are working. (You should have 1 light on each corner of your vehicle and 1 lighting your number plate)

⭐️Switch headlights on to low beam. Check the beam pattern in front of you on the wall and walk to the front of your car and check each light is working on low beam

⭐️Switch headlights to high beam. Your beam pattern should change to higher up the wall in front of you. Also walk to the front of your car and check that each light is working on high beam

⭐️If your car has fog lights, turn them on and walk to the front of your car and check that they are both working

⭐️Check your indicators by switching the hazard lights on. Walk around your vehicle and ensure both the front and back indicators are working.

⭐️Finally check Brake and Reverse Lights are working. Place your foot on the brake and get someone to check that both brake lights are working. Keeping your foot on the brake and the handbrake on, place your car in reverse gear and get someone to check that your reverse lights are working. If you don't have someone to help you, reverse your car up to a wall either in a dark garage or outside at night and you will be able to see the reflection of the lights on the wall.


27 June 2023


Try Morey’s Diesel Smoke Killer Fuel Conditioner.

This outstanding product is designed to reduce diesel smoke, improve fuel injection, provide anti-wear, enhance fuel economy and ensure engine cleanliness and fuel stability and fight Diesel Bug. 

✔Cleans dirty injectors and keeps them clean

✔Increases horsepower by up to 10%

✔Improves fuel economy to more than pay for itself

✔Reduces emissions and smoke

✔Reduces rust and corrosion

✔Makes fuel filters last longer

✔Reduces injector scuffing

✔Increases fuel system life

✔Does not raise sulphur or aromatic content

✔Keeps seals soft and pliable

✔Fights diesel bug 

Get a bottle now.

20 June 2023

Hands up if you glued your fingers together this week?

Yep, I was fixing one of my daughters toys with the trusty tube of liquid super glue we have in our cupboard, got a teensy bit distracted and wa-la, my fingers were attached to her toy. Oops. 
Fortunately I am a strong, independent woman so I marched off to my wardrobe, got out my nail polish remover, rather awkwardly applied it and to my relief, my fingers were free, albeit feeling slightly dry. 
So while I was recovering from the indignity of it all I did some research and discovered that I may be better to have a tube of trusty GEL superglue in my cupboard. Did you know that gels are better for vertical applications because it is thicker so won't run and, added bonus, it takes a little longer to dry so no more immediately gluing your fingers together! Who knew? 

So that's my tip for this week - use super glue gel if you want to avoid the stuck fingers situation. Liquid super glues are better for penetrating cracks or fractures though, and they will generally dry faster than a gel. So just make sure you keep your fingers clear and you should be fine.


14 June 2023

Struggling with visibility while you are driving during a rain storm?  Have you tried a water repellant? 

These products coat your windscreen and essentially fill in the microscopic holes and gaps on the glass that water would normally cling to and sit on your windscreen until your window wiper moves them off. When water does not have the gaps to cling to it just beads up and slides off. Our sales reps Bruce does a lot of driving and he swears by Rain-X Original, particularly on the side windows.

To use you:

1. Wash and dry your windscreen thoroughly

2. Apply Rain-X to a small folded, dry cloth

3. Wipe onto exterior glass using a firm, circular and overlapping motion

4. Allow product to dry, a slight haze may appear

5. Reapply Rain-X to ensure you have completely covered the window and allow to dry

6. Remove haze by buffing with a dry cloth or sprinkling water onto the haze and wiping away with a paper towel


7 June 2023

Any other warm fire in winter worshippers out there? 

Here at ACE we LOVE a cosy fire in the winter time but there is a debate in the office about whether we use firelighters or not. We're split 50/50 - what about you?

To get our fire humming we use the dried out gum bark that flies all around our property when it's windy - that'll teach it for blocking up the gutters! Let us know in the comments below any tips or tricks you have for getting your fire humming.

Our cat Monty in the photo is definitely the cutest fire worshipper in our house. 


31 May 2023

Has your car not started at the worst possible time? Mine has.

I got into my car to pick our daughter up from day care and it wouldn’t start. Hubby was away, we'd only lived in the area for a couple of months so I knew no-one. I phoned day care to explain, and what happened next is humanity and community at its best. Our daughter’s teacher drove out of her way to drop her home and she gave me the most beautiful flowers they had picked to make my day a little better.

I am so grateful to the day care teacher but I'm a strong independent woman who should learn how to jumpstart my car.

I didn’t have another car nearby so needed a car battery booster pack. All I had to do was:

  • connect the red jump lead to the positive terminal on the battery
  • connect the black jump lead to an earthing point on my car (unpainted metal on the engine block or chassis well away from the battery or fuel)
  • switch the booster pack on
  • start the car, keep it running for 5 mins with the booster pack connected
  • switch off the booster pack, leave the car running for a further 5 to 10 mins
  • finally turn the car off, disconnect the booster pack, start your car and go about your business
  • You should drive for 30 mins constantly to charge your battery and don't forget to plug in your battery booster pack so it's charged for next time!

If you have another car nearby and some jumper leads then you can:

  • park both cars with their batteries close to each other
  • use the red lead to connect the positive terminal on your car battery with the positive terminal on the other cars battery
  • use the black lead to connect the negative terminal on the working battery to an earthing point on the non-working
  • wait 3 mins, then turn the working car on and let it run for 1 min
  • try to start the non-working car, let both cars run for 10 mins
  • after 10 mins turn both cars off, disconnect the leads in reverse order (black lead from your car, black lead from the other car, red lead from your car, red lead from other car)

Be very careful not to allow the leads to touch one another or either car as you remove them.