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Tar Spots on your car?

13 August 2021

Tar Spot cleaning hints tips

Did you know that if you leave tar on your car, over time it can ruin the finish and the paint?

Try using peanut butter. Yes, you read that right, peanut butter! Apply smooth peanut butter with a microfibre cloth by dabbing it on to the car on your car. Allow the peanut butter to penetrate the tar - this will take up to 30 mins. Then wipe the peanut butter off with the microfibre cloth and repeat if necessary.

You can also try WD40 by spraying it directly onto the tar spots and letting it soak in for 10 to 30 mins. Rub off with the microfibre cloth, and repeat if needed.

Finally you can try a commercial tar removing product like Bars Bugs Bug and Tar Remover. Just spray it on, let it sit for a while and wipe it off with a microfibre cloth.


Cold engine won't start?

11 August 2021

Cold Engine won't start tips tricks

Got that "rrr rrr rrr" sound when you are trying to start your cold car?

Your car battery produces less electrical current when it's cold, due to the chemical reaction being slower than on a warm day. Cold batteries simply don't produce the same amount of power as warm batteries, which is what could be causing your "rrr rrr rrr" sound.

Try turning all your accessories that use battery power off before you start your car - stereo, heater, windscreen wipers, headlights. That might just give you enough energy to start the car.  Still won't start?

Try spraying CRC Engine Start into the air intake (check your user manual to locate it). Hold the can 20cm away and spray for 2 seconds, try turning the engine on, and repeat if necessary.


Leaking radiator?

30 July 2021

Leaking radiator tips tricks

Ever backed your car out of the garage only to see a pool of fluid on the floor?
The good news is if it's coming from your radiator, chances are you can fix it yourself temporarily until you can get to your mechanic or radiator specialist.
When choosing a radiator stop leak product:
Read the label carefully!
Check the product matches your skill level, ie some require you to flush the entire system before adding the sealant
Some anti-leak products are specifically designed for certain models like Honda or Ford or engine types such as diesel or petrol
Confirm it will bond with the material you are trying to repair, ie is it aluminium, steel or plastic specific?
Is it compatible with your anti-freeze?
Does it need to be applied to a warm or cold engine?
Does your engine need to be running when pouring the product in?
If in any doubt, get in touch with your mechanic or radiator specialist and get some advice.

Got an oil stain problem?

23 July 2021

Oil stain cleaner eater degreaser remover

Has your car leaked oil in your garage or on your driveway?
Here's some tips to get that concrete looking sparkling clean again:
If the leak is fresh then mop up as much as you can as soon as you can and you may just prevent it staining
If the stain is small you might be able to get it off with some good old fashioned elbow grease of hot water, detergent and a steel brush. Pour detergent on, scrub with brush and wash away with hot water - repeat if required
If it's a large stain or it's been there for a while you'll need a specialist product like a degreaser or CRC Oil eater. Make sure you follow the instructions on the product to get the best result.

Jack frost iced up your windscreen?

16 July 2021

windscreen ice de-icer winter ice

Has Jack Frost visited you?
If you live in an area prone to frost or snow then you'll know that sinking feeling when you go outside to get into your car only for the windscreen to be iced up - normally when you're in a hurry! 
Here at ACE we are lucky enough to live in an area that rarely frosts but this is what we do when it does:
Prevention: if we remember (!) we cover our windscreen the night before with a sheet (you could use a car cover or even cardboard) so the ice forms on that, not our windscreen
Start our vehicle and turn on the front and rear window defrosters
Use a plastic ice scraper to remove the ice - don't use metal as it will scratch the glass
We sometimes pour warm water onto our windscreen. Make sure the water is not too hot or you may crack your windscreen and no one wants that drama first thing in the morning! 
To save us going back inside we have a specialist de-icing product like Prestone De-Icer in our car. We simply spray it on our windscreen and other windows and the ice melts making it easier to scrape off with the ice-scraper.
Hint: if the layer of ice is really think then score the ice with the scraper before you spray the product on.